Assam Direct Recruitment 2022 Online Mock Test – General Knowledge MCQ

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MCQs for Assam Direct Recruitment 2022 

1. Which of the following celestial bodies is also known as Morning Star?

(A) Alpha Centauri

(B) Proxima Centauri

(C) Polestar

(D) Venus

2. Chandragupta II was popularly known as

(A) Ashoka

(B) Samudragupta

(C) Vikramaditya

(D) None of them

3. What is the capital of Bhutan?

(A) Thimpu

(B) Sang Drup

(C) Gangtok

(D) Phuntsholing

4. Who was the last Mughal king?

(A) Aurangzeb

(B) Altamash

(C) Ghiyas-ud-din Balban

(D) Bahadur Shah Zafar II

5. The Cripps Mission led by Sir Cripps came to India in

(A) 1942

(B) 1944

(C) 1946

(D) 1947

6. The East India Company, which came to India for the purpose of trade, was founded by

(A) the British Government

(B) the Queen of England

(C) merchants of London

(D) foreign travellers

7. Rovers Cup is associated with

(A) football

(B) hockey

(C) cricket

(D) lawn tennis

8. Which of the following is not Nationalized Bank?

(A) Indian Bank

(B) Syndicate Bank

(C) Axis Bank

(D) Corporation Bank

9. Which of the following Indian States does not share its boundary with Myanmar?

(A) Nagaland

(B) Arunachal Pradesh

(C) Assam

(D) Mizoram

10. The Armed Forces Medical College is situated in

(A) Dehradun

(B) Ooty

(C) Bengaluru

(D) Pune

11. The Headquarters of Central Railway in situated in

(A) Mumbai

(B) Jabalpur

(C) Bilaspur

(D) Gorakhpu

12. The Vice President of India is

(A) elected by the members of both the Houses of the Parliament

(B) appointed by the President of India

(C) nominated by the President of India

(D) selected by the Indian Cabinet

13. What is the capital of Lakshadweep?

(A) Silvassa

(B) Kozhikode

(C) Kavaratti

(D) Puducherry

14. What is the National Flower of India?

(A) Rose

(B) Lily

(C) Lotus

(D) Marigold

17. Who among the following is not a recipient of Bharat Ratna?

(A) Rabindranath Tagore

(B) Dr. Radhakrishnan

(C) Pandit Ravishankar

(D) C. V. Raman

18. Which of the following is not a Kharif crop?

(A) Rice

(B) Linseed

(C) Maize

(D) Millet

19. The Jagannath Temple is located in

(A) Mathura

(B) Vrindavan

(C) Puri

(D) Mount Abu

20. Dachigam National Park is situated in

(A) Jammu and Kashmir

(B) Karnataka

(C) Uttarakhand

(D) Tamil Nadu

21. The city of Baghdad is situated on the bank of

(A) Tigris River

(B) Danube River

(C) Tagus River

(D) Seine River

22. Which of the following rivers is known as Sorrow of Bengal?

(A) Hooghly

(B) Damodar

(C) Teesta

(D) Ganga

23. The New York Stock Exchange is situated at

(A) White House

(B) Adam Bridge

(C) Wall Street

(D) Hollywood

24. Where is the world’s largest desert lake situated?

(A) Asia

(B) Europe

(C) Africa

(D) Australia

25. Who was the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha of Independent India?

(A) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

(By G. V. Mavalankar

(C) Sarojini Naidu

(D) Aruna Asaf Ali

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