Best Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Fan Under 500 in India 2022

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Topic: Top 5 Best Selling Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Fan in India 2022

In the summer, we love the temperature, but taking advantage of the heat and staying productive can be a real challenge. Many people don’t prefer air conditioners because they are noisy, energy-consuming, and often take up a lot of space in a room. Choosing portable electric fans as a cool & comfortable solution is the ideal solution. They are inexpensive, convenient, and flexible, so they can be moved from one room to another if necessary.

1. MAYUMI USB Mini Rechargeable Table Fan (Check Price Now)

Best Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Fan Under 500 in India 2021

Mini fans are fashionable and unique. The industrial fans are powered by brushless motors. This ensures high wind speeds and long life. The fans have an intelligent control system that ensures reliable performance. They attach securely to almost any surface, including the carrier handle. The fan design is simple, elegant, and beautiful. You can use it at home, in the park, while traveling, or studying in school. Before you can use the product, at least 2 hours of charging is required.


  • The beautiful and unique design of a small structure
  • Fan wind is strong and lightweight, easy to carry
  • Simple operation with digital control
  • The battery can be easily replaced with a USB connector and charged using any USB power outlet.
  • Low loss and high efficiency, energy savings, and environmental protection

2. Realpixel Portable USB Mini Air Cooler Bladeless Fan (Check Price Now)

Best Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Fan Under 500 in India 2021

The Realpixel Portable USB Mini air cooling fan is made from durable, hard plastic material and can be powered by 3 AAA batteries.


  • It provides strong wind and low power consumption via a USB cable. Dual Bladeless Adjustable Fan.
  • Due to its lightweight and small size, it can be easily used at home, work, and outdoor camping.
  • You can adjust the pitch angle either up or down. Key switch, USB powered, no external power needed.
  • Easy to install and take apart.

3. APNA ZONE Mini USB Rechargeable Air Cooling Fan (Check Price Now)

APNA ZONE Mini USB Rechargeable Air Cooling Fan

This compact, rechargeable, and very stylish Mini Fan is perfect for you. Although this product is small and cute, it performs admirably. It features 2-speed control and an excellent air throw. Once fully charged, it provides backup for up to 3 hours on Normal Speed and 2.5 hours on High Speed.


  • A professional portable fan that combines design, simplicity, and strength.
  • The removable base allows you to use it as a desk fan or take it with you on the go.
  • You can connect your USB charger cable to any computer, power bank, or other devices that support USB interfaces. Enjoy cool wind wherever you are.
  • You can take your bag with you when you travel outside. This is extremely useful for summer sports and outdoor travel.

4. Global mart Rechargeable Portable Mini USB Fan (Check Price Now)Portable Mini USB Fan India

Intelligent control system with reliable operation, fully functional, and simple to use. The standard 18650 capacity lithium batteries are recyclable and can be reused. They are also more universal.


  • A professional portable fan that combines design, simplicity, and firm structure.
  • These fans are unique in their structure and fashion. The brush and slotless motors are used to ensure high winds and long life.
  • These fans are fashionable and unique. They can be carried for all outdoor activities.

5. NORTHERN Rechargeable Mini Spray Fan (Humidifiers / Heating, Cooling) (Check Price Now)

NORTHERN Rechargeable Mini Spray Fan

NORTHERN Portable mist fan can be used anywhere an air conditioner can, and in many places, it cannot. A mist fan, misting fan, or water fan works like a humidifier. Mist fans release a fine mist of water in the open air.


  • Portable misting fans are portable and comfortable.
  • Rechargeable and Light Weight

Final words: Mini Portable USB Fan India

Mini USB fan batteries are extremely important because they can hold a charge for longer periods of time. You can keep them charged for a long time outdoors. They can be used wherever you need cooling. Sometimes, it can be noisy for an overhead fan to run all night. A mini fan can be placed beside your bed to cool you down.

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